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The “KINSO” solution is an administrative software for day care centers, that makes it easier to manage all stakeholders and assets in a professional way. Care Software collaborate with Espira Kindergartens in Norway, with more than 10 000 children in more than 150 kindergartens, and we have focused on software development in close collaboration with our customers since 2007. 

Our technical staff with educators, designers, system architects, programmers, support consultants, and students from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), have participated in developing KINSO, and we all focus on “the child in the centar”. We know that the educators prefer software that is easy to understand and to use, so our designers are key developers.


-We digitize the day care centre and make solutions where children, educators, parents and other stakeholders can communicate on digital plattforms.

-We know your professional needs, so we help you to stay in constant control of the children, employees, parents, day care facilities, logistics and more. 

We focus on secure crypto solutions in general, high technical security in general, and we have an integrated GDPR framework to enable you to protect personal data. 

-Our goal is to provide you with a dynamic software and support solution, that will develope with your future needs, so you may focus more on the children.  

Management of operating services takes place through tailor-made software for day care, and KINSO streamline and secure the administration systems, so that employees and the general manager get more time to focus on pedagogics.


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